Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Check me/us out on Twitter!

Check out AcornHall on Twitter (that's me manning the deck!).

The purpose of this Twitter account is to:

1. Post about the upcoming art exhibit (woohoo!)
2. Discuss history-, nonprofit- and art-related topics in the news
3. Post about events happening at Acorn Hall

I hope you'll check us out and follow us! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Observant Eye

Yay, Jon and I are going to the Met Museum next Friday and we're going to this seminar... where curators and educators from the Met will give us talks in galleries, and we'll get to closely examine art. It's for young professionals and recent graduates and it's a way to garner more interest in art.

Networking opportunity, anyone? ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Check out my other blog for soap stuff...

I just recently got back into blogging about soap - so check it out here.

We've been making soap like mad, sometimes with FOs that we get from other companies and sometimes with FOs that Jon made himself at work. It's been so much fun!

I'll try to keep up both blogs - this personal one and that soap one... I'll try my best. It is nice to be able to get out my feelings and stuff with this one. I just got so sad coming back here after the miscarriage... reading about how happy I was when I was pregnant. But I have a new chapter of my life now - working at my internship and trying to get pregnant again. And trying to get into NYU for grad school! Whew! :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm back

It's been a really tough Christmas break, emotionally and physically. They checked my HGC numbers to see if they were going down naturally or if I'd need a D&C, and they went from 3500 to 650 over last weekend. So I probably won't need a D&C, but I'm getting blood taken today to check and be sure that things are still progressing naturally.

I've been keeping myself busy with projects - soap-making, B&B-making, and mosaic-making. I'm having a really good time making mosaics, and I think that this is my new thing, in addition to soap. I can work on it for hours and not get bored... which is very unusual for me.

I'm nervous to tell people at my internship tomorrow about the miscarriage... it's been my mom who has told our family friends, not me... I'm afraid that I'll get super emotional, and I don't know them THAT well. But it's normal to be very emotional after a miscarriage, so I guess that won't seem weird or anything.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I lost the baby on Christmas night.

I bled and felt cramps all day, and went to the ER when the bleeding got worse. The hormone levels were really low and the ultrasound confirmed it.

I'm still in a lot of physical pain, but my heart hurts even worse.

Friday, December 19, 2008

So frustrated.

And now they're saying I'm 7 weeks along. Which is it, people??

And my OB/GYN said I need an ultrasound late next week.
The office staff said to make it early next week.
And the imaging place said to make it no earlier than the 31st.


Oh, and my OB/GYN keeps going on and on about the statistics of miscarriage. And it's really freaking me out... I would think saying it ONCE would be sufficient. I feel like he's trying to reassure me, and nothing has even happened yet!

Maybe it's the hormones, but I had myself a good cry last night.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Earlier than we thought!

On Monday, my HGC levels were at 3000 - and the woman on the phone said that I'm so early along, things are not doubling yet. She said it sounds like I'm about 5 weeks along NOW (and that means 3 weeks since conception)... wow! I wonder how in the world my levels showed up on a home pregnancy test only 1 week after conception!!