Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm back

It's been a really tough Christmas break, emotionally and physically. They checked my HGC numbers to see if they were going down naturally or if I'd need a D&C, and they went from 3500 to 650 over last weekend. So I probably won't need a D&C, but I'm getting blood taken today to check and be sure that things are still progressing naturally.

I've been keeping myself busy with projects - soap-making, B&B-making, and mosaic-making. I'm having a really good time making mosaics, and I think that this is my new thing, in addition to soap. I can work on it for hours and not get bored... which is very unusual for me.

I'm nervous to tell people at my internship tomorrow about the miscarriage... it's been my mom who has told our family friends, not me... I'm afraid that I'll get super emotional, and I don't know them THAT well. But it's normal to be very emotional after a miscarriage, so I guess that won't seem weird or anything.

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