Thursday, December 11, 2008

I went to the OB/GYN today...

And they confirmed that I'm definitely pregnant! :) They figured that since my last period was October 20th, I'm 7.5 weeks along (so they're going by the same calculations that babycenter is going by).

I'm going tomorrow for my first ultrasound... it's a dating/viability ultrasound. So we're hoping to hear the heartbeat!! More on the different kinds of ultrasounds: Click here.

I hope my little blueberry is doing well... the doctor said that the possibility of early miscarriage is 50 - 70% (OMG!), but once they get the heartbeat and it's going at a normal rhythm, the possibility goes down to 5%. So I'm a little nervous... but very excited nonetheless!

I'm going to help with the installation of the Smithsonian exhibit Key Ingredients today and tomorrow, but I'm not going to lift anything heavy.

I felt like a total douche yesterday - my mom and I went to the store to buy picture frames (her gift to my in-laws - my dad's prints in picture frames) and we bought a HUGE sack of bird seed. Well when the clerk gave it back to us, he handed it to me... and my mom rushes over and grabs it. I looked like an ass, letting my mom carry the heavy stuff. I guess that's the problem with not showing just yet. My mom did say, "She can't lift that, she's pregnant," but the guy didn't seem to hear and just looked at me with a disapproving look, lol.

Ah well.

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