Friday, December 12, 2008

Not good... OMG...

Not good... but not sure... I've either got my dates ALL wrong and it's a much earlier pregnancy than my doctor thought, or something is wrong with the baby... it's not the right size at all. The radiologist said he's worried it's a partial miscarriage. I got bloodwork taken immediately afterwards and I'm HOPING it comes back tomorrow. It'll tell us whether the hormone is low (= earlier pregnancy, which is a good thing) or it's high (= later pregnancy, but something is wrong).

Here's the problem with the dates:

I had a period starting on Oct 20
I stopped my pill on Oct 30
I had a "period" (bleeding) from Nov 1 - 3
I took a HPT (home preg test) on Nov 27 - nothing
I took a HPT on Dec. 1 - very faint line (this happened with 3 of them)
I took a HPT on Dec 5 - first dark line I got

So the doctor was assuming that my real period was Oct 20, not Nov 1. But that may be wrong... and off the pill, I may be having a longer cycle (not 28 days - years ago, before I was on the pill, I had really weird cycles)... so I don't know. That may explain why it's so small... it may just be really early still. This is what my MIL (who works in radiology in a hospital) thinks, that the dates are wrong.

But hearing the doctor say, "I think you may have had a partial miscarriage." and "I guess it's possible that it's still going to be okay" was extremely upsetting. I'm trying to stay positive, but I keep worrying about the possibility that something is wrong. sad.gif

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jessi said...

Yipes! I'll be hoping that everything turns out OK for you and the baby. I hope it is just that the dates are off.

((hugs)) -jessi