Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fighting something off - hiiiiyah!

Mood: 5
Achy, tired, cold... but otherwise in an okay mood

Ugh, I feel soooo tired (even after sleeping fine last night) and achy. I hope I'm not getting what's going around at Acorn Hall - people have been in and out for WEEKS fighting this thing off. That's why I took today off to rest and sleep as much as possible. The furbabies are keeping me company. :)

I keep getting nauseous whenever I eat something. I won't be nauseous before I eat or during, but about 10 - 15 minutes afterward (whether it's cereal, meat, yogurt, fruit, whatever), I'm nauseous. It sort of comes in waves. Blarghies. I'm not pregnant though - test came up negative.

So anyway.... some random facts:

My new fav scent is chocolate + patchouli, or Pink Sugar + patchouli. Yumyum.

Bobo is sitting on the very back of my chair, looking down at me. I think he's plotting to kill me. Is your cat plotting to kill YOU? Take the test!

I love "no sugar added" slow churned Butter Pecan ice cream (from Edy's)... drooooool.

I'm thinking that jelly beans on a cheesecake would be good.

I'm trying to give up Diet Coke/Pepsi. It's really hard, but I'm down to one can every two days. Soon it'll be nothing... nada. Oh boy. This is hard stuff here... I'm horribly addicted. I love the taste and how it quenches my thirst so perfectly.

Dear Diet Pepsi: Leave me alone... stop giving me these horrible headaches when I'm not indulging in you, you bastard. I've had it with you... I'm never going to sip your deliciousness again. ... ... ... ... ... Darling, please, I didn't mean it!

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