Sunday, November 16, 2008

I did it.

I went to Whole Foods today and bought chicken tenderloins and an Indian frozen dish with chicken in it. I bought meat.

Looking at the meats made me a little sick, but I guess that will pass. I hope it passes soon... until then, Jon's doing the cooking (lol).

Mood: 5
Grossed out, sleepy, hopeful

I'm asking for things from Etsy for Christmas from my in-laws... wanna see?

scood in white
arm warmers
arnica balm
marshmallow and chocolate cake lip butters

I'm such a little diva!

Edited to add:

I ate it... I ate the Indian chicken dish. The texture was weird for me (tougher than Quorn cutlets and other veggie alternatives), but I liked it. Is that bad, that I liked it?

I saw turkey kielbasa in Trader Joe's... I've really missed kielbasa. I may get that...

I'll tell you one thing; my cats will be ALL over us at mealtimes.

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