Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's hot up here.

Mood: 6... feeling, as my mom would say when I was little, "full of beans"
Achy, silly, loved

We both took showers and now the upstairs is hot.

I remember when I got manic, I always felt hot. Even when it was winter and the A/C was on... I just felt so fucking warm and it made me irritable. I just kept saying to Jon, "Make it cooler. Just make it goddamn cooler in here. How do you not feel hot?" I was such an ass.

Now I feel warm when it's actually warm and cold when it's actually cold. I guess it's almost like the temperature you feel you're at coincides with your mood. Or something.

I was thinking today about the fact that the "Flight of the Bumblebees" was my song went I was manic. But what about when I was depressed? Without thinking too hard about it, I immediately think of "Around Here" by the Counting Crows. Just the sound of the song sounds like me when I'm depressed. Here's the music video on YouTube.

What songs sound like you when you're either manic or depressed?
You can answer anonymously if you wish.

Today we spent the day in bed, napping, acting goofy, and cuddling.

Jon: It's going to take forever if we go into the city tonight. We have to drive to the PATH, drive the PATH...
Me: Drive the PATH???
Jon: Change the tires on the bus, drive the bus, break into the Met...
Me: Create an exhibit, cook the food in the cafeteria...

We're so weird. And on the same weird-ass page.
I love it.

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