Friday, November 21, 2008

My sweet baby Bean... I'm so worried

Tonight we watched as Bean went pee in the sink... he strained a lot, and out came a lot of blood, along with a teeny bit of urine.

In he went to the emergency vet (our second time there in a week - first with Bobo)... like IMMEDIATELY.

So the ER vet comes out after spending some time with him, and says: "Your cat isn't normal."
"Your cat has the smallest penis I've ever seen on a cat. I couldn't find it at first. But it's there. We just couldn't extrude any urine from it. From the ultrasound we did, his bladder is empty and very small... but if he doesn't pee by tomorrow morning, take him to your regular vet tomorrow."

She gave us antibiotics and was very nice (besides saying our cat has a tiny dick, lol).

So we're calling first thing in the morning to make a tentative appointment if he hasn't peed yet. Actually, even if he does pee, I think we'll still take him in, just to see what's happening.

Oh, my baby Beans... I love that cat so frigging much. He's our cuddle monkey. sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif

We're keeping him in the bathroom with his very own litterbox, so that we know if he's peed. We've made it comfortable, with beds and his fav blankie. I hope it's cozy enough for him sad.gif

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