Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I ate a burger last night...

and I liked it. A lot.

I think I want my meat to be "physically processed" - you know, in the farm of patties and burgers. So I don't have to look at a chicken breast and think, "M-E-A-T." I'm sure I'll be okay with it later, but right now, it's too much for me.

Mood: 6
Bouncy, restless, bored

I hate the fact that it gets dark by 5 pm here now... I want to hike up the road every day, but Jon gets home at 5 and we like hiking together so that doesn't work. So we're doing BIIIIIIG hikes on the weekends... like 2.5 - 3.5 hour hikes with huge uphills... sometimes 1000 feet! The bigger the climb, the smaller my behind. Or something stupid like that, lol.

I want to go out and DO something. I get like this when I'm a 6 or 7 on the mood scale (but I'm nowhere near a 10 - nowhere near it). I want to DO something fun... I feel restless. I hate watching TV because I watched it all day every day for a MONTHS when I was seriously depressed. So now I associate it with depression, and I just can't watch it anymore.

So I go to the Morris County Historic Society (my internship), take a nap, go on the computer, go for a walk, etc. during the day. I'm planning on applying to Christie's auction house in NYC for a full-time paid internship for next summer. I'm pretty sure I'm too late for the spring semester part-time internship. Then I hope to intern at the Met... I want to try *everything* before I'm done with graduate school so that I know what I'll want to do.

If I got accepted to intern at the Met, I think I'd pee myself.

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