Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jon's grandfather is in the hospital.

Jon's grandpa is in the hospital, awaiting triple bypass surgery. He had a small heart attack the other day and they found out that his arteries are obstructed.

Jon hadn't talked to his family in 3 years... he missed his grandpa, but in his family, when someone doesn't talk to one person, the rest of the family doesn't talk to them. I won't go into the reasons why he didn't talk to them... just that a few months ago, he started talking to his parents again, but hadn't seen his grandpa until now - he had talked to him over the phone though.

Jon is feeling a lot of guilt about not having seen his grandpa until now, but he also feels relieved that he started talking to his family before all of this happened.

I feel so badly for Jon, and this also brings back bad memories of my dad dying in his quadruple bypass surgery 4 years ago.

Please let Jon's grandfather do well in his surgery... he won't be coming home for Thanksgiving, but maybe we can bring a little Thanksgiving cheer to him.

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