Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ho Hum

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Sore (from yoga), bored, sarcastic

Today we're raking leaves... oh joy. I'm taking a break now, but will get back to it after blogging. According to, I burned 230 calories so far. Not bad. My arms already hurt from yoga because they're very weak and yoga is REALLY working them out... but if I do another 45 minutes or so, maybe I'll burn off last night's dinner at Cafe Metro.

My breasts hurt... a LOT. My mom said, "Maybe you're pregnant!!" (She's excited to possibly become a gramma). I'm not letting myself get excited until a test comes out positive. I'm hoping it does, but if I've learned one thing in life, it's this - and it applies to a lot of things:

Hope for the best, prepare yourself for the worst.

Sounds kind of pessimistic, but if something super happens, it'll be awesome. If it doesn't happen, you're ready to deal with it. That's how I feel about our fertility - if we don't end up getting pregnant after a while (we're just now starting to try, so this is just a "what if"), we'll deal with it.

I know it's not popular at all, but there is nothing like petroleum jelly for your cracked elbows. I've tried shea butter, cocoa butter, handmade lotions, store-bought lotions... they all work well for other body parts (except the store bought lotions - give me TheGardenBath's body butter any day), but when something is so dry that it's cracking... or if I have chafing, I have to resort to the Vaseline. And you know what? I'm not embarrassed to say it. You do what you have to do.

Jon's coming with me tomorrow (Sunday) to help me reorganize the art closet at Acorn Hall (where MCHS is located). It's going to be a long job, but fun - we'll be finding art I've never seen before. And I get to share it with him. How romantic - surrounded by dustiness and mustiness.

I'm in fine form today, lol. Raking leaves will do that to a girl.

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